JA Nuevo

Have a look at your current website, or if your looking to build your first website, have a quick 'Google' at some websites from your industry.

Do they have content on the homepage, blogs or social media feeds that are older than 3 months?

If it is a ecommerce or retail site, do they have product images and descriptions that take up varying space on the page?

Do they state right up front how the consumer is going to benefit from using/buying their products or services?

If you answer yes to any of these, then you can bet that during the website design, there was a focus on the 'general' look of the site using every designers favourite filler 'Lorem Ipsum'.

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New website, new branding same quality service and advice as the past 40 years. Ray French and Associates have been providing marketing services for small and large businesses in Geelong, Australia and around the world. We have updated our branding to reflect the changing nature of the marketing landscape. 

On our blog you will be able to find some great insights and solutions to the challenges facing all businesses in the modern marketing landscape.