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Have a look at your current website, or if your looking to build your first website, have a quick 'Google' at some websites from your industry.

Do they have content on the homepage, blogs or social media feeds that are older than 3 months?

If it is a ecommerce or retail site, do they have product images and descriptions that take up varying space on the page?

Do they state right up front how the consumer is going to benefit from using/buying their products or services?

If you answer yes to any of these, then you can bet that during the website design, there was a focus on the 'general' look of the site using every designers favourite filler 'Lorem Ipsum'.

For years this has been the standard fare of website designers worldwide. It usually goes something like this -

Call up a few web design firms to quote on your new website, choose the best quote send them off to design your nice new and shiny website. You receive your first design mockups or even working wireframes filled in with every designers friend - 'Lorem Ipsum'. You sign off on the designs and your website is on its way to being built.

This is where the problems begin in most website builds. At this late stage of the build trying redesign certain parts of the site to fit the real content or trying to change the real content to fit the design can be a time and budget consuming exercise.

By focusing on that cool slideshow on the homepage or the brand new 'you-beaut' scrolling widget you can lose focus on what is the most important reason for building the website in the first place - your customers.

By designing your website templates around real or proto-content rather than waiting until after the website has been built you can eliminate wasted time and budget and ultimately deliver great content to the people that matter the most - your customers.