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Your prospects are searching for what you sell - but will they find you?

Search marketing, SEO and PPC is about getting found by prospects through search results and converting them into opportunities. The higher you rank in organic searches, the more people will find you.

Sounds easy? Just get on the first page of Google and watch the dollars roll in. It's not quite that easy and can be difficult for small businesses to prioritise the work that is needed to achieve the holy grail of first page listing on Google search.

At RF&A we work closely with you to find out who is searching for your business or service and what terms they are using to search, and we tailor a program of content development and delivery that not only enhances you search listings, but will lift your profile and provide quality lead generation.

We also do all the boring techy stuff that the search engines need, but we wont go into that here.

If you already have a site that's not performing well and you need some help, or you want a custom built search engine friendly design give us a call on (03)5222 4600 or drop in for a coffee.